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Signup process: 


  1. Download the lease here. Note that your payment will bind you to these lease terms, so please read carefully.
  2. Note: You will see references to A.H. Root Building LLC and Plante Properties. These are the formal entities we are using to manage the building and lease process.
  3. Decide which plan works best for you.
  4. We now have only one plan The Hive Subscription Plan
  5. Select the "Hive Subscription" link  below.
  6. As soon as we receive your payment, we will confirm your tenancy.
  7. If we have reached capacity, we will refund your payment, put you on a waiting list, and notify you by email.
  8. We will allocate one access card for each paid tenant.
  9. You can pick your key up in my office, 2401 15th street (same building as the Hive), Suite 350 - BaseCamp Capital.
  10. If you are an Anchor, you will be assigned a workspace. Hotdesk and Nights and Weekend tenants can pick from any of the Hotdesk workstations during each visit.
  11. You will also receive the SSID and Passphrase for the secure wireless in the space. This will change periodically for security purposes. Valid tenants will receive notification of these changes well before they happen.
  12. As this process is new, there will be many questions and suggestions. Please send those here, and we will incorporate the answers into the FAQ.


Click on the Hive Subscription link below and follow the PayPal directions that follow. You will get a confirmation of your subscription, as will we. As soon as we have that, you may pick up your card key.



Hive Subscription





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